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Our Green Line Pet Wear

Have an old favorite sweatshirt? A leather jacket that doesn't fit anymore? Your dog can proudly wear that designer tee shirt you love after we convert it into pet clothing!

Our green line is created from those recycled materials you cherish. We fashion new outfits for your dog from your old special clothing. Reusing materials saves resources for Mother Earth! We take those old memories and remake them into something for your beloved animal to share with you. Order Now!

Boz would never admit that his custom shirt used to be his owner's jean shirt! With the newly tailored lines, and the addition of a beautiful rhinestone bulldog on the back, what was old is new again!

Buford saw Boz’s jean shirt and had to have one. None of our clothing is exactly alike. So adding the red dickey was a plus.

Here is an old leather coat that has been renewed for this special rescue dog. Jon Luc loves to wear his leather coat with flames. Along with his coat he has a flame collar, leash & flame belly band for the time he needs extra help. He matches his Mom & Dad love for motorcycles. He is one lucky dog.

Bella's Mom was tired of everyone asking what is wrong with her ears so she turned to us to take an old sweatshirt and make a girlie shirt with lace and rhinestones and embroider "Reindeer in Training". It did the trick.

The vest below was made from my favorite sweatshirt. We embroidered the "Bad to the Bone" to make it extra special.

Pugnaous is strutting around in his new sweatshirt or at least it is new to him.
This lucky dachshund coat was made with sheepskin out of an old coat, and personalized with embroidery. The collar on the item below is off of an old coat! It is now part of a nice reversible garment for a proud pet!

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