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Two of Unleashed PetWear's most popular original item categories are the Cool Body Wraps, Cool Belly Wraps & Cool Neck Wraps and the Bitches Britches, Belly Bands & Boogie Britches. Browse below to see why, or Order Now!

Cool Body Wraps, Cool Belly Wraps and Cool Neck Wraps

Cool Body Wraps, Cool Belly Wraps and Cool Neck Wraps are made out of Chamois/Shammy cloth or PVA with stylish cotton fabric. Once you wet the fabric it stays cool up to 4 - 6 hours before having to wet the fabric again. It is a very good way to keep your dog cool on these hot summer days. They come in Tropical Orange, Sea Green, Sky Blue, Sunny Yellow and Hot Pink. We use a variety of fun cotton fabrics to complete the Wraps. Order yours today and don’t let another hot day go by without cooling your pet!

Ozzie lives in Chicago and does Agility. Having his fancy Cool Body Wrap keeps him cool after his workout. Boz also enjoys a Cool Body Wrap on a hot day.

Fred's parents are truck drivers and keeping Fred cool was an issue until he got his Cool Body Wrap. No more worries. Skye and Dalton go camping and love staying cool with their Cool Body Wraps.


Bitches Britches, Belly Bands and Boogie Britches

New and very popular! During the time of the month your girl doesn’t feel up to looking pretty, you can add a ruffle to her Bitches Britches so she can feel glamorous. To protect your stuff from your little stud or for the senior that needs a little extra protection, try our Belly Bands for your boys.

Carlye is modeling a pair of britches. Roca is wearing her fancy bitches britches under her custom dress.

Archie is wearing flames and camouflage belly bands below. Dante's life was changed when his Mom and Dad discovered belly bands. Now he goes everywhere with them. Lucky Boy!

We have a new Bitches Britches with suspenders called Boogie Britches. They were named after a Frenchie named Boogie that was incontinent from a spinal injury.




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