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Dog Coats, Dog Vests and Dog Shirts

Don't have your dogs wearing the same clothing as the neighbor's dogs! At Unleashed PetWear, for one price, you get two coats in one. Reversible, custom, hand-made dog coats for any occasion. Fancy coats, bomber jackets, fleece vests, tee shirts, fur, suede, leather - you name it, we make it for you. Order Now!

Check out our bomber jackets made for any kind of dog! Ben is feeling really warm now!.

Finnley is wearing his bomber jacket made especially for Greyhounds.

Moomin wanted a nice fur collar on his bomber jacket.

Chip is sporting his "Indiana Pug and the Temple of Treats" bomber jacket.

Beefeater’s Wellington is modeling his new Bomber Jacket made with real Sheepskin collar. The lining of his 2-in-1 jacket features a collection of military patches since the bulldog is the "Marine’s Mascott."

Lil and Dashie staying warm in Montana


Missy is having trouble deciding which of her beautiful coats to wear, and which side to show off!

Ozzie is sporting his reversible coat. One side is zebra stripes with his name embroidered in red. The other side is a black and white paw print with a D-ring and a charm that says "Love Mom."

Each coat is made with designer fabric. This is just a taste of what we can do.

Unleashed PetWear creates custom fleece vests in any color with designer touches! Have your pet's name embroidered on their vest or coat! Add an appliqué. We can do that. Order Now!

Fleece Dog Vests

We make new Fleece T-shirts now too. Carlye is modeling a colorful tee.

Bella is traveling all the time with Mom and Dad. She needed something comfortable and warm. Did I mention that she loves frogs?

Bosley is modeling his new turquoise and black T-shirt. They have a kangaroo pocket so they can carry their own essentials.


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